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Fri, Dec 14 2012 14:00 (GMT+10:00) Brisbane

All about Kerberos in Microsoft BI

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PASS Business Analytics Conference


The World of Data is Changing 
- Stay Ahead of the Curve -

There’s never been a more exciting time for data professionals as more organizations turn to data-driven insights to stay ahead. But staying up to speed in this rapidly changing data landscape is a challenge.

The conference brings together analysts  from the world of analytics to connect, share experiences, and learn more about the power of data to transform business.

With more than 65 sessions by the world’s top BI and BA experts, you'll walk away with real-world insights, best practices, prescriptive guidance and strategic vision.

April2014 Upcoming Sessions



Wednesday 24 Apr 2014 1 PM AEST / 8 PM PDT  - Thursday 23 Apr 2014 4 AM GMT

Kick-ass Ad-hoc Cube Browser build in SSRS 2014

Speaker: Grant Paisley 

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Get a sneak preview of my USA PASS Analytics Conference session. You will learn how to use generic reporting techniques in SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) to create a virtually unlimited set of dynamic reports for your users by simply changing report parameters. Just change dashboard report contents and share components for looking up values. The techniques we will discuss are based on concepts in the books “Advanced Reporting Services 2012” and “Reporting Services Recipes.” By attending this session, you will learn enough to use the Angry Koala Cube Browser and Angry Koala Cube Surfer and modify to your own organization’s needs. Join this practical session, which will give you lots of ideas for your own users. 

Grant Paisley 
Grant Paisley is an SQL Server MVP and founder of Angry Koala, a Microsoft Business Intelligence partner based in Sydney. Grant is president of the SQL Server Usergroup Sydney and created, a community built around reporting where you can also run the reports. He was contributing author for "SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services with MDX" (Data mining chapter) and "Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services Recipes" (Australian sparkline and the Angry Koala OLAP browser) 

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Seattle - 23 3Apr 2014 8:00 PM 
New York - 23 Apr 2014 11:00 PM 
Dubai - 24 Apr 2014 7:00 AM 
London - 24 Apr 2014 4:00 AM 
Auckland - 24 Apr 2014 3:00 PM 
Sydney - 24 Apr 2014 1:00 PM 


Monday 28 Apr 2014 11 AM PDT / 2 PM EDT / 7 PM GMT  - Tuesday 29 Apr 2014 6 AM NZST

The Power Query Formula Language

Speakers: Matt Masson & Theresa Palmer 

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Microsoft Power Query for Excel includes a powerful query engine and a formula language that enables self-service data integration and shaping over a diverse set of data sources, ranging from simple text files to Big Data and Hadoop. In this session, we will go beneath the UI and learn how to unlock the full power of the underlying query engine and the formula language. You will learn how to conquer your data and data-shaping needs. 

Matt Masson & Theresa Palmer 


Matt Masson is a Program Manager on the Power Query team. Matt has worked with multiple products across SQL Server, including SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), Data Quality Services (DQS), Master Data Services (MDS), and the Data Management Gateway for the Power BI release. He has authored two books – SSIS Design Patterns (Apress) and SQL Server 2012 Integration Services (MS Press), and is a frequent presenter at SQL conferences. You can find his blog at 

Theresa Palmer is a Program Manager in the Microsoft SQL Server Information Services Group. She is currently working on Microsoft Power Query for Excel, which offers end user experiences around data discovery, data consumption, and data mashups.

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New York - 28 Apr 2014 02:00 PM 
London - 28 Apr 20414 07:00 PM 
Sydney - 29 Apr 2014 04:00 AM 
Auckland - 29 Apr 2014 06:00 AM 

May 2014 Upcoming Sessions

Usage of R in SQL Server for better data understanding


Speaker: Tomaž Kaštrun

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Tuesday 13th May 8PM Central European Time 2014 11 AM PDT / 2 PM EDT / 7 PM GMT  - Wednesday 14th May 2014 6 AM NZST

Language R for Statistical computing is powerful language for data analysis with all great features for data import from SQL environment. 

Using R with SQL server data will help data scientists and data analysts prepare, explore and validate data much easier, as well as to use wide range of statistics; from univariate to multivariate. 

Session will focus mainly on: 
1) on connecting R Language with SQL server using standard ODBC connectors and T-SQL procedures. 
2) how to validate data with using classical statistical methods on SQL transactional data. 
3) how to use R output in SSRS and bring extra information to reports. 

Tomaž Kaštrun

Tomaž Kaštrun is BI developer who focuses mainly on data mining, data quality and programming in SQL and .NET. He has been working with SQL Server since version 2000.


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New York - 13 May 2014 14:00 PM 
London - 13 May 2014 19:00 PM 
Sydney - 14 May 2014 04:00 AM 
Auckland - 14 May 2014 06:00 AM