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Tue, Jul 26 2016 12:00 Eastern Daylight Time

Advanced Power BI By Ankit Patira


Advanced Power BI By Ankit Patira

This time we will go past basics and look at more advanced capabilities in power bi that may help you in solving real life difficult problems. We will look at number of features (new and old), tips & tricks on how to deal with situations when your data source is not perfect, making use of unconventional data sources, R for data preparation and visualizations, dynamic data sourcing and others. This session will have number of demos on real life problems and how you overcome that

Ankit is a BI / Data Analytics Consultant currently associated with healthcare industry based in Australia. Ankit has number of years of experience in BI roles primarily with Microsoft BI stack and recently with cloud based self service BI and data warehousing. Ankit is passionate about all things data. He is also active member and contributor to local and online power bi communities.