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Thu, Dec 19 2013 12:00 (GMT-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)

Guerrilla MDS/MDM The Road To Data Governance


Guerrilla MDS/MDM The Road To Data Governance

Ira and Vic's session "Guerrilla MDS" will be a walk-through of a real-world implementation for a master data model (MDM) and metadata mart utilizing SSIS, MDS and POWER BI EXCEL addins as well as applying proper data quality techniques. We will walk through in detail the processes necessary for utilizing the complete MDS functionality as follows: creating entities attribute, relating entities the domain based attributes , staging leave table, updated entity content, apply business rules, create subscription view and set up security. Source code for all samples and PowerPoints will be made available

I am a Business Intelligence Architect with over 38 years of industry experience(TechnoGeezer) , I have worked with the Microsoft BI Stack DTS, OLAP Services, SSIS, SSAS, SSRS PowerPivot, and Data Mining extensively since 1998. I have led many teams in building "Best Practice" ETL and Integration architectures, in many platforms Oracle, DB2, Cobol, Microsoft. Informatica, Data Stage and SSIS. I have published several article for SQL Server Central and other publications. My wife(Tessie) and I along with our family(Christina, Victoria, Brandon) develop and market SSIS Data Quality Components. I have led entire organizations in implementing BI Architecture including Technical as well as Business requirements Methodology , Data Modeling and supported by a TCO Business Case Methodology and Applying Agile to Data Warehousing via Extreme Scoping.


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September 2014 Upcoming Sessions

Tuesday 2 Sep 2014 1 PM BST / 10 PM AEST / 8 AM EDT

Counting is easy, Measuring is hard: insights using Data Visualisation

Speaker: Jen Stirrup

Registration URL:

"Don’t worry about people stealing an idea. If it’s original, you will have to ram it down their throats.” Howard Aiken, Founder of Harvard’s Computing Science Program. 

Counting is easy, measuring is hard! KPIs, dashboards, and basic data analytics often make us feel like we understand what’s going on. Data is moving so fast these days, and people understand it best through data visualisation. However, Data Visualisation can lead and mislead, and in this session we will look at theory andpractice based on dataviz gurus such as Stephen Few and Edward Tufte, and scientists such as Cleveland and Ben Schneiderman. If you don't know who they are - even more reason for you to join us and learn what the gurus have to say about dataviz! 

If your data is visualised wrong, your data-based decisions are based on wrong insights. In this session, we will look at understanding the data visualisation by exploring the Power BI components and tools available in the cloud.

Jen Stirrup

Jen Stirrup, a SQL Server MVP and PASS Director-At-Large (Elect), is a well-known Business Intelligence and Data Visualisation expert, author, data strategist, and technical community advocate who has been peer-recognised as one of the top 100 most global influential tweeters on Big Data topics. Jen has presented at TechEd North America and Europe, Summit, SQLBits, as well as at SQLSaturday events in Europe and the US. She is a former Awardee of PASS's prestigious PASSion Award in 2012.


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Los Angeles - Tuesday, 2 Sep 2014 at 5:00:00 a.m 
New York - Tuesday, 2 Sep 2014 at 8:00:00 a.m 
London - Tuesday, 2 Sep 2014 at 1:00:00 p.m 
Sydney - Tuesday, 2 Sep 2014 at 10:00:00 p.m 
Auckland - Wednesday, 3 Sep 2014 at 00:00:00 a.m 


Thursday 25 Sep 2014 7 AM PDT / 10 AM EDT / 3 PM BST

Using Power BI for Managing Personal Fitness

Speaker: Matthew Roche

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In the summer of 2011, Matthew Roche joined the SQL Server team, moved his family across the country to Redmond. Over the next 15 months, inundated with the demands of a new role, move-related family stress, and an abundance of great food, Matthew managed to gain over 20 kilograms – and he realized that he needed to make a change. That change involved many healthy habits, but centered around weight training pushing his limits and abilities week after week. And of course, data and business intelligence were at the heart of how Matthew reversed his downward spiral and embarked on a fitness journey of epic proportions. 

In this session Matthew will present a custom solution for managing personal fitness data, implemented in Excel using Power Query, Power Pivot, and Power View. The session will focus on the real-world solution Matthew developed to measure and guide his fitness progress, including data sources, data modeling, and data visualization, and may or may not include shirtless progress photos. If you’re motivated by data, and want to see how you can reach your fitness goals while letting Excel do the heavy lifting, this is the session you’ve been waiting for. 

Matthew Roche 

Matthew Roche is a Senior Program Manager on the SQL Server product team, working on Enterprise Information Management (EIM) in SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), Master Data Services (MDS) and Data Quality Services (DQS). Before joining Microsoft in 2008, Matthew was a business intelligence consultant and trainer and a Microsoft SQL Server MVP. In addition to implementing small- and large-scale BI solutions with SQL Server, Matthew has presented on SQL topics at major technical conferences, code camps, and user groups across the US and in Europe.


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Seattle - Thursday, 25 Sep 2014 at 7:00 a.m 
New York - Thursday, 25 Sep  2014 at 10:00 a.m 
London - Thursday, 25 Sep 2014 at 3:00 p.m 
Sydney - Friday, 26 Sep 2014 at 0:00 a.m 
Auckland - Friday, 26 Sep 2014 at 02:00 a.m